WEDNESDAY DEADLINE to enter the SVSSC/NNSSC Sheltie Specialties – CLICK HERE to read more.

DEADLINE is WEDNESDAY FOR SVSSC/NNSSC SHELTIE SPECIALTIES! Click “Competition” then Entry Forms & Premium Lists above to enter.

SPECIALTY JUDGES:   Jennie Hynes, Bella Thompson, Debra Tessman-Van Leaven, Matt Stelter (Collie Judge).
SWEEPS JUDGES:   Colleen Andrus and Melissa Strong.
ALL-BREED JUDGES:   Lawrence Terracone and Rhonda Silveira. 

Patty Skinner/Jan Martin – Co Show Chairs – (916) 718-6246 or (916) 532 7219
Carolyn Goepner – Show Secretary – (775) 849-1102 

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