Nancy Berry                        Kambria Final Decision (Gizmo) NADAC  NATCH 2NADAC  Versatility NATCH 2NADAC  Elite Triple Superior Award
Evelyn Cook CH PaRay’s Wall Street (Brennan) AKC Conformation Champion (CH)
Karen Coombs CH Arenray’s Gift of Song (Lyra) AKC Conformation Champion (CH)
Penny Larson MACH2, ADCH, C-ATCH Adohr In the Nick of Time, RA, TDX, HT, MXC, MJC, MXP, MJBP, MXF, OFP, T2B2, T2BP, GM, SACH-Bronze, JCH-Silver, SCH-Bronze, RCH-Bronze, RCH-Bronze, TM-Silver (NICK) AKC Agility – Time to Beat 2 (T2B2)AKC Agility – Open Fast Preferred (OFP)AKC Agility – Masters Jumpers Preferred (MJP)AKC Agility – Masters Standard Preferred (MXP)AKC Agility – Masters Jumpers Bronze Preferred (MJPB)AKC Agility – Time to Beat Preferred (T2BP)

CPE Agility – CPE Agility Trial Champion (C-ATCH)

AKC Agility – National Agility Championships Qualifier


AKC Agility – MACH2 (Master Agility Champion 2)AKC Agility – Novice Standard Preferred (NAP)AKC Agility – Novice Jumpers Preferred (NJP)AKC Agility – Open Jumpers Preferred (OJP)AKC Agility – Open Standard Preferred (OAP)AKC Agility – Agility Jumpers Preferred (AJP)

AKC Agility – Agility Standard Preferred (AXP)

AKC Agility – Novice Fast Preferred (NFP)

CPE Agility – CL-4

USDAA Agility – Snooker Bronze (SCH-Br)

USDAA Agility – Tournament Silver (TM-Slvr)

AKC Agility – National Agility Championships Qualifier


Penny Larson Adohr Make a Joyful Sound MX, MXJ, MJB, OF, T2B2, HT, AD, SSA, SG, SS, SR, AJ, CL-3(Drummer) AKC Agility – Masters Excellent Standard (MX)AKC Agility – Masters Jumpers Bronze (MJB)AKC Agility – Time to Beat 2 (T2B2)AKC Herding – Herding Tested (HT)CPE Agility – CL-2, Cl-3USDAA Agility – Agility Dog (AD)

USDAA Agility – Advanced Jumpers (AJ)

USDAA Agility – Starters Standard (SS)

USDAA Agility – Starters Jumpers (SJ)

USDAA Agility – Starters Gamblers (SG)

USDAA Agility – Starters Relay (SR)

AKC Agility – Open Agility Jumpers OAJ)AKC Agility – Novice Standard Preferred (NA)AKC Agility – Novice Fast (NF)AKC Agility – Excellent Jumpers (AXJ)AKC Agility – Open Standard (OA)AKC Agility – Open Fast (OF)

AKC Agility – Excellent Standard (AX)

AKC Agility – Masters Agility Jumpers (MXJ)

AKC Agility – Time to Beat (T2B)

CPE Agility – CL-1

USDAA Agility – Starters Snooker (SS)


Sharon Ledford Valley View 4ever in Blue Jeans, CGC, BN, CD, GN, RE (AMY) AKC Obedience Graduate Novice (GN) AKC Obedience Companion Dog (CD)
Pat O’Connor Leodens Rhythm and Blues, CGC, BN, CDX, RAE3, ASCA CD, AHBA HCT, FFX-OG (Danny) AKC Obedience – Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)
Pat O’Connor Leodens Black Eyed Susan, CGC, BN, RA, HT, PT, NA, C-BLSA, C-BSA, HTCs, JHDd, HHDs ATT (Suzy-Q) AKC Obedience Beginner Novice (BN)AKC Rally – Rally Advanced (RA)AKC Obedience – Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Carl and Patty Skinner  GCH Homewood Hayden (Hayden) AKC Conformation Grand Champion (GCH)
Carl and Patty Skinner  CH Homewood in the Hamptons (Sean) AKC Conformation Champion (CH)